Video Analytics

End-to-end audience measurement solution

Real-time audience intelligence

Measure real-time visitor demographics such as group size, dwell time, attention time, position, distance, gender, age class, mood, facial features such as glasses, etc. and display crowd-relevant advertisements, fully-measured and privacy-safe, and computed within 0.2 seconds, with an 80-95% accuracy. This solution provides instantaneous and continuous audience data for immediate use and for consolidation and data mining service.

This solution is built in accordance with the latest digital measurement requirements. Our audience measurement solution allows organisations to:

  • Measure and learn
  • Optimise locations
  • Target and trigger highly relevant content

Low-cost, innovative crowd measurement solution

Use real-time audience analytics to fully understand your audience. Our audience measurement solution is affordable and easy to deploy.

Measure, learn, optimise locations, and target and trigger highly relevant content

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Accelerating Your Crowd Measurement Journey

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