Utility Data Solutions

Smart Water, Gas & Electric Utilities

Delivering a reliable, user-friendly option for connected utility

Our IIoT platform, Proximvo CONNECT helps you deploy complex, connected systems of systems that will drive the energy and utility industry for a smart and efficient future. There are many ways we can help the energy industry, specifically water, electric, oil, and gas utilities. Monitor water supply and wastewater networks, remotely survey electrical poles, detect water leaks, and even read the level of storage tanks remotely in real time. Below are a few use cases.

  • Low-power, low-cost solutions for smart metering
  • Monitor backup power facilities
  • Remote and accurate monitoring of tanks
  • Detect failure or abnormal decrease in energy efficiency. Users can be alerted to abnormalities by SMS message or email
  • Electricity pole surveillance
  • Monitor water facilities remotely
  • Connected meters – No pairing or configuration required, and run for years without replacing the battery
  • Monitor and optimise infrastructure in real-time to detect leaks and breakdowns
  • Optimise wind farm operations
  • Asset monitoring & tracking
  • Predictive analytics – Monitor asset health, warn of impending failure and recommend maintenance procedures and schedules.

Uncover insights buried in your data to optimise the way you do business

Connecting utilities creates fluidity, introduces new opportunities for revenue. Thanks to our IoT Platform, energy and utility companies can now understand demand in near real-time, identify and respond to outages faster, improve productivity and safety by automating tasks and streamline operations and reduce operating costs. Contact us with your solution requirement to find out how we can help.

Streamline operations and gain complete, real-time visibility of your entire grid

Our IIoT platform enables a reliable, user-friendly connected solutions for the utility grid. Contact us with your solution requirement to find out how we can help you.

Connect any “thing” over any network

Use our enterprise IIoT platform to connect any “thing” over any network. Manage utility data deployments of any size. With sensor data, artificial intelligence and advanced big data analytics, gain end-to-end intelligence and insights.

We offer end-to-end IoT expertise from strategy to ongoing solution management. Powerful end-to-end utility data solutions enabled by Proximvo CONNECT can be used by any industry considering IoT adoption.

Proximvo CONNECT enables a wide array of utility data solutions

Our powerful IIoT platform enables a wide array of utility data solutions. Monitor backup power facilities, remote and accurate monitoring of tanks, detect failure or abnormal decrease in energy efficiency, electricity pole surveillance, monitor water facilities remotely, monitor and optimise infrastructure in real-time to detect leaks and breakdowns, end-to-end energy supply chain visibility & insights – just to name a few.

Reduce the complexity involved in developing & maintaining a connected business. Avoid unnecessary layers. Subscribe to our feature-rich, enterprise IoT solutions and save costs.

LPWAN and Satellite Connectivity

Our platforms support LPWAN connectivity. If you have specific requirements, just let us know and we will discuss your solution requirements. Otherwise, we can help you choose the right LPWAN technology for your solution needs. We can help you extend coverage.

We also offer satellite connectivity options if required.

We Bring IoT to Life

Manage and control your connected
business from one integrated platform

Solve your industry-specific problems
by combining powerful technology,
data-driven insights & AI.

Accelerate IoT Projects
Use the power of our enterprise IoT platforms to quickly deploy powerful IoT solutions to solve your business challenges, and save costs.
Custom Solutions
One size never fits all, and that is definitely true for the industrial community with varied types of industries, operating models, and regulations. Proximvo IoT platforms enable comprehensive customisations to suit specific needs.
360° IoT Analytics
Real-time streaming, stream analytics, historical analysis and predictive analytics, all-in-one dashboard. See your data in different dimensions. In addition to existing pre-canned reports, we also offer custom reports at no additional cost.
Enrich your business information systems with IoT insights by using our fully RESTful API.

Intelligence of Things as a Service

Our agile IIoT platform enables businesses to quickly deploy, learn from,
rapidly adapt and optimise their solutions to address changing needs.

Powerful Platform
Our platform is highly scalable, interoperable, flexible and secure. Powered by Multi-AZ, horizontal scaling and vertical scaling architectures, our platform is built to scale to millions of connected objects and manage and monitor networks of tens of thousands of things.
Cyber Security and Data Governance
Security is embedded in every layer within Proximvo Platforms. Support for data governance and privacy needs are included, as well as strict security practices that encompass data security, perimeter security, and access control.
Device Management
Centrally manage your entire fleet of IoT devices through a single dashboard. Request new devices, register devices, assign devices, create groups, device monitoring, diagnostics & alerts, device lifecycle management, device decommissioning, send commands to devices on-demand and more.
Rules, Events and Triggers
Create business rules, events & triggers in seconds using our dashboard tools. With real-time streaming, our platforms stream data and update dashboards in real-time. Real-time data stream processing processes data as it is generated and promptly reacts to critical information.
Device and Data Agnostic
Our platforms can talk to any device and any protocol so that we’re able to pull in and analyse data from almost any source. No matter what datasets we receive, our platforms can understand and process it.
Big Data and Predictive Analytics
See your data in different dimensions. We provide real-time streaming, stream analytics, historical analysis and predictive analytics, all-in-one dashboard. Uncover insights buried in your data to optimise the way you do business.

Accelerating Your IoT Journey

Contact us with your solution requirement to find out how we can help you.

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Flexible IoT solutions for smart factories,
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