Proximvo DOOH

Proximvo DOOH is the ultimate data-driven marketing solution for DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) advertising. Proximvo DOOH is built in accordance with the latest digital measurement requirements. The main purpose of our platform is to connect the right audience with the right advertisement. With Proximvo DOOH you can fully measure your audience and advertise to your target demographic with highly relevant content. Powerful end-to-end solutions enabled by Proximvo DOOH can be used by any industry considering IoT adoption.

Your Journey To Data-Driven Marketing

Connecting brands with the right audience

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(As part of the end-to-end IoT solution, we will provide connectivity options, IoT device options, and we also provide strategic guidance to ensure our clients are deploying a future-proof solution)
Connect IoT devices (via our platform) to gain end-to-end visibility you need for a fully connected business
Create your business rules via our easy to use rules, events and triggers builder
Deploy your IoT solution and manage your entire operation from anywhere in the world
With sensor data, artificial intelligence and advanced big data analytics, gain end-to-end intelligence and insights
Video Analytics

Measure visitor demographics in real-time. Fully privacy-safe, and computed within 0.2 – 0.3 seconds, with an 80-95% accuracy.

Proximity Notifications

We help brands to interact with their target audience in the right place at the right time by delivering notifications based on location, proximity and user context.

Data-Driven Digital Signages

Adapt signage content to the audience. Use real-time analytics to make your digital displays more engaging and effective with crowd-relevant content.


Advertise to your target demographic when they visit your locations, geofences, competitor locations and retarget them with highly relevant offers.

We are connecting brands with the right audience

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Fully measure your audience and advertise to your target demographic with highly relevant content

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