Proximity Notifications

Trigger notifications at the right place and times

App-based, and no-app proximity notifications

We help brands to interact with their target audience in the right place at the right time by delivering notifications based on proximity and user context. We offer a wide range of mobile app-based and no-app proximity notification solutions. Start building experiences based on where your users are, what they’re doing, and what’s around them with Proximvo.

App-based notifications

Adsmote is the ultimate location-based solution for deals and events. Our aim is to connect the right audience with the right advertisement. Powered by Geofencing, BLE beacon technology, and data-driven learning algorithms, the Adsmote app can deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time.

Advertise to your target demographic when they visit your locations, geofences, competitor locations and retarget them with push notifications. Reach both iOS and Android audience with Adsmote. App-based proximity notifications are very powerful and the odds are really high that your app-based message will be seen.

We also offer mobile app development services (iOS, Android and Windows mobile). If you are looking for a custom IoT app, please contact us to find out how we can assist you with our IoT app services.

No-app notifications

Launch and manage your no-app proximity marketing campaigns with ease. Comprehensive content management facility comes as a platform feature, therefore you can modify your campaign content (text, images, external links) with ease and run unlimited campaigns. The analytics and reporting feature of our platform will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your campaign performance and visitor behaviours. So that you can evaluate and optimise your campaigns to improve visitor engagement. We can also arrange custom functionalities such as no-app notification scheduling, custom advertisements, polls & surveys, vouchers & coupons, visitor data collection functionality and redeem functionalities as per your unique needs.

Nearby (no-app) proximity notification technology is currently available for eligible Android smartphones only. People who have relevant phone settings can only accept no-app proximity notifications when they are in the vicinity of BLE beacons. No-app notifications are not accompanied by a sound or buzz (default behaviour). They will appear in the notification panel when the user is in the vicinity of BLE beacons and will be automatically removed when the user moves away from beacon vicinity. Therefore, the behaviour of no-app proximity notifications is completely different from a text message / an app-based push notification.

App-based and no-app proximity notification solutions for commercial organisationas and smart cities

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Accelerating Your Proximity Marketing Journey

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