Private LoRaWAN Networks

Private LoRaWAN Networks

Subscription-based cloud software solution to deploy secure LoRaWAN private networks

Tremendous amounts of things are being massively deployed in our cities & remote/rural areas. These things were not connected to a network in the past because of the constraints of power supply availability and internet limitations at the installation site.

A private LoRaWAN core-network is ideal to provide coverage over a limited area, such as a warehouse, port, construction site, smart city, building, or a mining site. We provide a fully managed robust, reliable, secure and cost-efficient wireless data network for Smart Cities and Internet of Things projects. Using our highly secure LoRaWAN private network service, your IoT devices can communicate with the core-network from up to 15 km away.

The Proximvo cloud-based LoRaWAN Network Server provides de-duplication and handling of received uplink frames received by the gateway(s), handling of the LoRaWAN mac-layer and enablement of downlink data transmissions.

Solution features are listed below and the features will vary depending on your Proximvo LoRaWAN network server subscription plan.

  • LoRaWAN 1.0 and 1.1 compatible
  • Class-A, Class-B & Class-C device classes
  • Supports (Un)confirmed uplink and downlink, Proprietary uplink and downlink message types
  • Device activation via Over-the-air (OTAA) and activation by personalisation (ABP)
  • Adaptive data-rate (ADR), spreading factors
  • Support for all regions, AS 923, AU 915-928, CN 470-510 CN 779-787, EU 433, EU 863-870, IN 865-867, KR 920-923 US 902-928
  • Statistics, per gateway data received/ transmitted, device status
  • High availability & scalability
  • Secure web-interface where gateways, devices and applications can be managed
  • Gateway(s) to network-server secure communication via UDP/ MQTT (using TCP) over UDP. (depending on the capabilities of your gateway, proximvo can setup a MQTT bridge running within the gateway with secure authentication/secure connection via SSL/TLS
  • Support for upto 8 uplink channels
  • Receive device data via HTTP configuration to the configured endpoints on received uplink data, status notifications, join notifications, ACK notification & error notifications / or receive data as JSON over secure MQTT

Connecting the unconnected

Our service is highly available, scalable and highly secure. Our service is fully compliant with the LoRa technology and LoRaWAN specification and regional radio profiles. Our LoRaWAN private core-network service does not come with any data collection frequency limitations. This service can be arranged to collect data as per your specific data collection needs.

Let us know of your additional requirements, such as payload data storage, custom JavaScript payload codecs, custom data connectors for integrations with external IoT platforms, real-time email/SMS alerts on critical events such as if one of your gateways is not communicating with the core network etc., failovers, geo-redudancy, load balancing, and any other requirements, so that we can assess your requirement, provide feedback and advise you of the cost.

You may bring your own IoT devices and gateways, or simply request our assistance to procure reliable hardware for your solution. If you would like to connect with Proximvo IoT platform for 360° IoT analytics and business intelligence, please let us know.

Connecting the unconnected through
Proximvo cloud solution for LoRaWAN private networks.

Our subscription-based cloud software raises the barriers to a sustainable LPWAN IoT implementation.

Accelerating Your IoT Journey

Contact us with your LoRaWAN core-network requirement to find out how we can help you.