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LoRaWAN Australia : LoRaWAN Solutions Provider for the Internet of Things (IoT)


LoRaWAN IoT Solutions

Proximvo is a leading LoRaWAN solutions provider in Australia. Our IoT platforms support LoRaWAN connectivity.  Cost efficient IoT solutions enabled by our platform provide 360° IoT analytics and business intelligence. We provide feature-rich IoT solutions for smart cities, smart farming, industry 4.0, marketing, utility, health care and a wide array of other verticals.

  • Smart city LoRaWAN solutions
  • LoRaWAN smart farming solutions
  • Industry 4.0 LoRaWAN solutions
  • LoRaWAN indoor and outdoor asset tracking solutions
  • LoRaWAN indoor and outdoor people tracking
  • Real-time monitoring LoRaWAN solutions
  • LoRaWAN IoT solutions for the utility industry
  • Data-driven marketing LoRaWAN solutions
  • LoRaWAN location intelligence solutions
  • Big data analytics solutions

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LoRaWAN Private Core Networks

A private LoRaWAN core-network is ideal to provide coverage over a limited area, such as a warehouse, port, construction site, smart city, building, or a mining site. We provide a fully managed robust, reliable, secure and cost-efficient wireless data network for Smart Cities and Internet of Things projects. Using our highly secure LoRaWAN private network service, your IoT devices can communicate with the core-network from up to 15 km away, using very low power.

Please visit our LoRaWAN Private Core Network section to learn about the features and more information about our LoRaWAN Private Core Network solutions.


LoRaWAN Australia
LoRaWAN Australia


Other Connectivity Options

Other than LoRaWAN, we also offer NB-IoT and Sigfox connectivity options. We also provide feature-rich IoT solutions geared around Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), cellular connectivity and satellite connectivity. Contact us with your requirement to find out how we can help.

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