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Proximvo is an Internet of Things (IoT) company providing IoT enterprise software on the cloud. We are an end-to-end solutions provider for the Internet of Things. We offer powerful IoT platforms and bespoke IoT solutions that bring data-driven insights to the enterprise.

We are headquartered in Sydney Australia. We are a fully Australian owned company.  Our innovative spirit, deep industry knowledge, and unmatched IoT expertise is the foundation of everything we do. Proximvo’s IoT platforms enable businesses to deploy powerful IoT and business intelligence solutions without writing a line of code. Our industry-leading industrial innovation platforms and field-proven solutions help companies deploy innovative projects for a smart, connected and productive future.

We Bring IoT to Life

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance IoT platforms and custom IoT software. Accelerate your IoT journey with our powerful solutions and world-class support.

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Uncover insights buried in your data to optimise the way you do business

We deploy sustainable IoT solutions that enable businesses to get more value from their connected “things”. We share a relentless commitment to delivering sustainable IoT solutions for a smart and connected future.

Begin with the right IoT foundation

Sustainable IoT solutions for a connected future

Our platforms are ready-to-use, highly scalable, interoperable, flexible and secure. Our feature-rich, enterprise-grade platforms transform businesses through the power of IoT. Our platforms make it easier to rapidly deploy enterprise-level IoT solutions.

Harnessing IoT insights for business intelligence is a continuous process. Our agile IoT platforms enable businesses to quickly deploy, learn from, rapidly adapt and optimise their solutions to address changing needs. Simply contact us with your solution requirement to find out how we can help you.

Preparing you for the next industrial revolution

Use the power of our platforms to make sense of your data. Simply drop us a line and we will discuss your requirements and
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